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Have you ever wondered why some people enjoy success, whilst others simply complain about their circumstances? Take the time to develop your personal potential with activities that improve awareness and identity, develop talents and potential, build human capital and facilitate employability whilst enhancing your quality of life and contributing to the realization of your dreams and aspirations. The concept of personal development is not limited to self-help and refers to the methods, programs, tools, techniques, and assessment systems that support human development on an individual level. Start today!

Today, there are many people in society that are unhappy with their lives for one reason or another. Whatever their reason for being unhappy, there is always a way to change it. Sometimes it requires a change of career or circumstances. Other times it is simply a change in the way they think. Sometimes, it’s both.

Personal development is a path that you take to better your family situation, career, spirituality, emotional health, and any aspect of your life. Essentially, personal development is about become aware of everything you do and learning to make conscious decisions toward the way you react to situations. Personal development, and your new way of thinking, can help you obtain everything that you’ve always dreamed of, and more, with the simple application of a few simple mind sets and tools.

One of the best rewards of personal development is your ability to think clearer. Nothing feels better than seeing how your mind set, or paradigm, begins to change.

If you think that you can do better, you will. If you think that you are stuck in a dead end job, without family or friends to support you, and no prospects of a better future, you will ultimately be very unhappy. When you change your mind set and begin to use “positive thinking”, you will begin to see how you can change your life, which leads to more effort in everything you do, and an improvement in results.

Personal development is about making changes. Finding resources to make change, move obstacles, set goals, and find happiness is not always easy. But with all of the personal development books, articles, websites, and other resources available, personal development and happiness can be obtained.

Our personal mission is to provide our customers and clients with the best quality products and services which enable them in turn, to improve and enhance their own business and lives. We love to help others to develop and realise their own personal potential.

Our purpose is to use our creativity and enthusiasm to inspire and empower others

to re-discover themselves and embrace self-awareness,

 whilst helping everyone to prosper in all aspects of their life

We provide enlightening, quality information, designed to help people improve their lives. We provide materials, products and workshops ranging from Goal Setting to Stress Management and Sales Skills to Personal Development. At the heart of our philosophy is the belief that each one of us has all the resources we need to embrace our full potential. Our vision includes supporting each participant in removing any blocks or limitations that may be holding them back, empowering them to access their inner resources so that they can shine in all areas of their life.

Do what you love and the money will follow

Turning Passions into Careers

How would you feel if you could wake up every morning and do exactly what you love?

After years of working for companies and organisations to earn a living, Belle and Beqster made a conscious decision to follow their bliss and monetise their passions. They set a specific goal of creating a fun-filled working environment, which provides them with financial independence and personal fulfilment at the same time, allowing each to spend more time with family, and do more, of what they love. Today, at Belle and Beqster Enterprises Ltd, Paul & Helen Becque have created multiple-streams of income by teaching, training, blogging, vlogging, publishing and presenting across a number of platforms, including education, seminars, retreats, television, radio, ebooks, the world-wide-web and public-speaking arena.

Belle and Beqster believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to live a life of fulfilment and passion. Whether you are a student struggling to find a major or someone later in life looking for a new career and a fresh start, you should always find time to discover the right career for you - the career that will fulfil your career passions and lead to a life of happiness and fulfilment. Look deeply inside yourself and remove all obstacles, and you will be on your way in your journey for finding your career passion, achieving career success, and living your life.

Whether Beqster’s working on television, a cruise ship or speaking in public, he’s innately likeable and his persuasive personality is infectious! The amalgamation

of his entertainment career and sales experience provides Paul with a unique talent for life’s adventures.

The more income streams of income you can create, the less difficult it will be to lose one. Life can be challenging, industries change, economies change and people want different things. So, establish several income streams that minimize risk, maximize revenue, and produce “happiness”. Some of the possible income streams you could consider are:

Here are some steps to successfully create multiple income streams for yourself:

First, consider what you’re good at and are passionate about. Perhaps you’re great at drawing, or perhaps you know how to cook well. Maybe you are an excellent writer or enjoy networking with people. Almost any strong skill that you have can lead directly to some sort of profit-making venture which you can do in your spare time, when you first start.

Once you’ve figured out what you’re going to focus on, commit regular time to working on your project. Give up an hour of television each day to work on your skills, or research the possibilities and outlets for sales. Take this seriously, think of it as your own little business, because it can become a steady source of income for you, and with time and effort, replace your day job.

Then, use the additional income stream for something financially positive. Consider using the money to repay debt or use it to invest in your new stream of income, whether it be stocks, property, or an investment in another business. Think about how you can create a residual income, like buy-to-let, for example.

Remember, the real goal here is financial independence and personal fulfilment at the same time. By making yourself less dependent on a specific revenue stream (like your primary job), you’re giving yourself the independence and flexibility to make choices you never had before. If this appeals to you and you’d like more information, please feel free to email or contact us through the form at the bottom of the page.

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Dance is a wonderful way for children to make new friends, build confidence and enhance their social skills.

It is an expression of a child’s personality and a way for them to explore who they are. Dance is Helen’s first passion and she is a fully qualified teacher.

Affordable custom web design and publishing projects for small businesses and individuals. In no time at all, we’ll have your site up and running and we’ll give you full control over it. We can have print jobs, large or small, completed and delivered in no time at all.  

We provide products and services to an variety of arenas within the leisure and entertainment industry, from television, voiceovers and dance, to personal development, success coaching and public speaking. Founded in the United Kingdom in 2012, we now run a whole range of solutions designed to help you develop, grow and most importantly, succeed.

Learn timeless principles for a successful and fulfilled life. Choose from a half-day seminar, full-day workshop or weekend retreat and change your life forever! Optimise any area of your life with a proven system to for ultimate success. Live the life you envision for yourself.

When Helen Becque first began dating Beqster, he called her “Helly Belle”, and the name has stuck ever since! In fact, if he calls her Helen, she says it’s like being summoned or reproached by a parent.

After completing her Degree in Textile Design, Belle followed her secondary passion, dance, and worked aboard cruise ships for six years. She found the work to be diverse and engaging whilst affording the opportunity to travel the world extensively and experience other cultures, civilizations and religions. She enjoyed being part of a team and developed strong working relationships effortlessly. It was here that Belle first met Beqster.

Upon returning to the UK, Belle decided to pursue her primary passion, Art and Design. She had often considered teaching and gained employment as a Learning Support Assistant to investigate the prospects. After a year, she was confident that teaching was a career she would enjoy and continued her education at Roehampton University to become a Fully Qualified Teacher.

For almost six years, Belle taught Art in Shepherds Bush. She love’s working with children and found the experience incredibly gratifying. She is a hard working, enthusiastic, and ambitious individual looking to further her career. Her success as a Teacher is a result of excellent organisational and communication skills combined with attention to detail and innate creative capabilities. Belle does not consider teaching to be a job, but a passion!

In April 2013, Beqster made a career move, which brought the family to Rutland, in the East Midlands of England. Belle decided to take this opportunity to become a Cover Teacher throughout Rutland and it’s surrounding counties, whilst setting-up Curtain Upp, Belle’s very own performing arts Stage School.

Dance is a wonderful way for everyone to make new friends, build confidence and enhance their social skills. It is an expression of your personality and a way  to explore who you are. Dancing is a relaxed and enjoyable way to keep fit, both physically and mentally, whilst improving strength, coordination, stamina and flexibility. It also encourages the release of happy endorphins. Working closely with the Teachers and other dancers can help individuals develop their creativity, communication, teamwork and leadership skills that are transferable with many other aspects of life. There are many ways in which the children can develop their skills, and they may even choose to take part in competitions, examinations and shows. But most importantly, dancing is great fun!

At Curtain Upp ® our priority is to promote a friendly, family-like atmosphere.  We are here to support and encourage all students and wish to make our School a place you and your children will be eager to visit each week, for another dance class. You have an expanding programme of classes to choose from: Ballet, Modern, Tap, Acrobatics, Musical Theatre, Drama, Boys Street Dance, Baby  Boys, Girls Commercial, Choir, Adult Ballet and Adult Tap.

When Paul Becque first dated his wife-to-be, she called me “Beqster”, and the name stuck! Today his friends, clients and work colleagues use the term too.

Despite the French surname (pronounced Beck) Beqster was born in Dover, England. He had his first experience of the stage when he was 10, and subsequently performed in London and travelled Europe in various productions for the National Youth Theatre. Having found his first passion, Beqster studied his craft professionally by working for a local Repertory Theatre Company.

In 1986, Beqster headed for the Caribbean to work for Costa Cruises as an Entertainer and member of the Cruise Staff team. The passengers clearly enjoyed his enthusiastic personality, which led to a 2-year apprenticeship, and at 22, he became the world’s youngest Cruise Director (Head of Entertainment).

After 6 amazing years at sea, Beqster took his webbed-feet ashore and spent some time in Miami and Mexico before moving to Los Angeles, to study at the American Academy of Dramatic Art. After graduating, Beqster appeared in various theatre productions, including a 6-month run of "Wuthering Heights" and August Strindberg's "Miss Julie" whilst working on 2 projects for Universal Studios.

In 1996, when his US visa expired, Beqster returned to the UK before flying to Greece to troubleshoot a new shipping project for Renaissance Cruises. His newly acquired "Hollywood education" enabled him to take his entertainment career at sea to new heights and soon after, he achieved unprecedented results for four cruise lines. Beqster was challenged by new and longer itineraries, which culminated in a 60-day circumnavigation of South America aboard the well respected classic liner, Stella Solaris.

These successes lead to a contract aboard the Seawing for Sun Cruises. It was only a small ship with 800 passengers, but the entire crew were dedicated to success and the entertainment package was amazing when you consider the restrictive budget. The passengers loved the ship, Crew, entertainment, deck parties, food and itineraries, ensuring a good time for all. It was here that Belle and Beqster first met.

2 years later, whilst cruising the Far East, Beqster received an invitation to meet with Cunard’s Head of Entertainment in Miami. Shortly after, he became the Cruise Director aboard the world's most famous ocean liners; the QE2 and the Queen Mary 2, during her inaugural year. It was here that Beqster achieved the pinnacle of his career at sea, working with the finest entertainers and facilities in the industry.

After 18 years of global adventure, having found himself at the very top of his field, Beqster retired from the world of cruising to enjoy a new arena of challenges in television. In 2005, after appearances on NTL, itv and Sky, Beqster joined an award winning television channel and began presenting on a fast, fun and interactive shopping channel. He generated more than 20,000 hours of live television and sold thousands of products, before becoming Head of Channel. In 2013, Beqster was invited to join Ideal World, which brought additional tools to his presenting skills, with multiple sets, specialist guests, outside broadcast and even international broadcast.

Today, Beqster enjoys multiple steams of income with a wide variety of presenting roles on stage, on line, on television and at corporate events. His personal passion is coaching others to reach their peak performance whilst operating inline with their personal values, which creates a complete sense of fulfilment. To achieve the dream life and follow your bliss, you must engage with success.

Beqster is a pro voice artist with an impressive 10 year work history, which includes hundreds of commercials, feature films, animation, television, radio and corporate training. Regionally neutral native British voice - warm, lively and conversational with bags of enthusiasm!

Paul Becque - TV Presenter

Paul Becque - Voice Artist

Engage with Success - Success & Fulfilment Coach

Do It All For Me - Web & Print Design

Curtain Upp - Performing Arts Stage School

Voice Artist


Belle is a fully qualified teacher and taught in London for

a number of years, before moving to Rutland. Today, she works as a supply teacher via an agency, providing her with the opportunity to work across the county whilst affording sufficient time to run her other businesses.

ARTeacher - Fully Qualified Cover Teach